Metamorph Ladies Man

Fortress – Base
Alternate Identities: Chris Alan Davis, Chris Savage
Player Name: Tom Lively
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6’ 5" 1.96 m
Weight: 280 lbs 127.00 kg

Value  Char   PointsRollNotes
40  STR3017-HTH Damage 8d6 END [4]
18  DEX1613-
28  CON1815-
10  INT011-PER Roll 11-
10  EGO011-
20  PRE1013-PRE Attack: 4d6
6  OCV15
5  DCV10
1  OMCV-6
3  DMCV0
4  SPD20Phases: 3, 6, 9, 12
12/24  PD1012/24 PD (0/12 rPD)
10/20  ED810/20 ED (0/10 rED)
14  REC10
60  END8
15  BODY5
60  STUN20
14m  RUN2END [1]
4m  SWIM0END [1]
16m  LEAP616m forward, 8m upward
Characteristics: 182

Cost  PowerEND
104  Metamorph: Multiform (444 Character Points in the most expensive form) (Instant Change, x4 Number Of Forms), Reversion (+0) 0
23  Alter Form: Shape Shift (Sight, Touch and Hearing Groups, Only Humanoid Shapes), Makeover, Costs END Only To Change Shape (+1/4) (35 Active Points); Affects Body Only (-1/2) 3
7  Malleable: Stretching 4m, x2 body dimension (9 Active Points); no Noncombat Stretching (-1/4) 1
33  Powerful Physique: Resistant Protection (12 PD/10 ED) 0
3  Body Mending: Healing BODY 1d6 (10 Active Points); Requires A Paramedics Roll (11- roll; Must be made each Phase/use; -1), Self Only (-1/2), Increased Endurance Cost (x2 END; -1/2) 2
11  Lots of Lady Friends: Variable Power Pool, 10 base + 5 control cost, (13 Active Points); Limited Special Effect: Only for Contacts, Followers and Favors Uncommon SFX (-1), Women Only (-1) 
Powers: 181

Cost  Martial Arts Maneuver
4  1) Foul: 1/2 Phase, +2 OCV, +0 DCV, 10d6 Strike 
3  2) Flying Tackle: 1/2 Phase, +0 OCV, -1 DCV, 8d6 +v/10 Strike; You Fall, Target Falls; FMove 
3  3) Holding: 1/2 Phase, -1 OCV, -1 DCV, Grab Two Limbs, 50 STR for holding on 
Martial Arts: 10

Cost  Skill
3  Acting 13- 
3  Breakfall 13- 
3  Charm 13- 
3  Conversation 13- 
3  Disguise 11- 
3  High Society 13- 
3  Oratory 13- 
3  Paramedics 11- 
3  Persuasion 13- 
3  Power 13- 
3  Scholar 
3  1) KS: Entertainment World (4 Active Points) 13- 
2  2) KS: Physical Fitness (3 Active Points) 12- 
1  3) KS: Sports (2 Active Points) 11- 
1  4) KS: Sports Medicine (2 Active Points) 11- 
1  5) KS: Superhuman World (2 Active Points) 11- 
0  PS: Actor (Everyman) 11- 
2  PS: Body Builder 11- 
2  PS: Football Player 11- 
Skills: 45

Cost  Perk
10  Money: Wealthy 
3  Well-Connected 
4  Positive Reputation: Famous Movie Star and Body Builder (A large group) 11-, +2/+2d6 
Perks Cost: 17

Cost  Talent
6  +2/+2d6 Striking Appearance (vs. all characters) 
3  Lightning Reflexes (+12 DEX to act first with Switching Forms) 
Talents Cost: 9

Val  Complication
10  Dependent NPC: Girlfriend (Flavor of the Month) Infrequently (Normal) 
5  Distinctive Features: Extremely Good Looking (Easily Concealed; Noticed and Recognizable; Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses) 
15  Hunted: Dr. Lee Frequently (As Pow; Harshly Punish) 
10  Psychological Complication: Flirtatious (Common; Moderate) 
15  Psychological Complication: Overconfident (Very Common; Moderate) 
15  Social Complication: Secret Identity Frequently, Major 
5  Social Complication: Famous in Secret Identity Infrequently, Minor 
Complications Points: 75

Base Points: 400
Experience Earned: 44
Experience Spent: 44
Experience Unspent: 0
Total Character Cost: 444

Fortress – Base Form on Deadman’s Domain


Chris Davis was the consummate All-American boy. He grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles and was gifted with stunning good looks, a large build and a glib tongue. He became extraordinarily popular in school as a football standout and general great guy. He used his looks and presence to become the school’s class president even if he was far from the smartest kid around. During high school he developed a love for working out and quickly developed a tremendous physique. He also became very renowned as a ladies man and left many hearts aching when he left for college in Campaign City.

College was a mixed experience for Chris, he was on a full ride athletic scholarship and majoring in physical therapy but struggled with the academics and found that his popularity didn’t necessarily come with him. He worked hard on the football field but was still third in the depth chart at the linebacker position. He turned to the two things that he knew he was successful at, girls and working out. Chris quickly made a name for himself in college, not as a football star but as the campus Don Juan. In his sophomore year he blew out his knee in a game against Texas and spent the rest of the season rehabbing. During this time he had begun to really define his physique and got in good with the team’s trainer who happened to be an amateur bodybuilder. Chris worked hard and by the end of the year was entering amateur bodybuilding contests as well. His good looks took the circuit by storm and he soon found himself in more prestigious contests.

By the start of his Junior year Chris had given up his football career entirely and was scheduled to make his professional debut as a body builder. He quit school entirely midway through his Junior year to focus on bodybuilding and enable himself to tour the circuit. He had gained a large following based on his pretty-boy looks but after a year on the circuit had still not won a major show. Still the body building world had prospered with Chris as a coverboy and he was approached by one of the major promoters who wanted to turn him into the sports’ next superstar. The promoter gave Chris the name of a doctor who he said could help him put on the mass necessary to help him succeed.

Chris looked up Dr. Henry Lee and was at first taken aback by the surroundings that Dr. Lee’s lab lay in the middle of. It was not at all the clinical environment that Chris had envisioned. Instead it more resembled a back alley clinic more suited for removing bullets without alerting the authorities than administering medication to help him develop. When he met with Dr. Lee his fears took a back seat to his ambition and he was to begin the first of many injections of an experimental growth hormone.

After three visits to Dr. Lee’s lab Chris began to see tremendous results. He had gained nearly fifty pounds of muscle mass and had also grown two inches. Then tragedy struck… Chris won his next competition at the Chicago Pro Invitationals. This firmly justified his treatments in his mind and he began making regular visits to Dr. Lee. Over the next six months Chris continued to grow in both size and popularity. No longer was he Chris Davis, bodybuilder his new agent had created the superstar persona of Chris Savage, Titan of the bodybuilding world. In the year following his treatments Chris won every pro bodybuilding contest that he entered. As the reigning Mr. Europe, Mr. USA, Mr. Britain, Mr. World and Mr. Olympia, Chris began to get tremendous press coverage. All of this attention was not necessarily good. Some scandal arose due to the fact that he had grown six inches and put on over one hundred pounds of muscle. In spite of much professional and public scrutiny all of the drug tests came back negative.

All of the notoriety turned out to be a huge boon for Chris and his agent was able to roll his bodybuilding success into a couple of minor film deals. In the beginning he was often slated as the villain but his good looks soon had him in starring roles, albeit low budget ones. It wasn’t long before the action movie industry truly took notice and Chris quickly became a popular action hero. While he continued to enter bodybuilding contests his focus had changed and he was now on the fast track for success in the movie industry.

Chris’ success brought him money, fame and more girls than he had ever imagined. He became a tabloid focal point and was stalked by paparazzi continually. It had been a glorious night and he was just leaving the home of an “A-list” actress when he spotted the man in the car across the street snapping away with a camera. He jumped into his car and sped off and noticed the car giving chase. Chris was determined to lose the “bloodsucker” as he hit the onramp doing 90. He didn’t see the spill on the road until it was too late and the car spun out of control, he hit the wall on the inside and careened across breaking through the guardrail and falling over sixty feet to the street below. The car was completely decimated around him and yet he felt fine. He tore his way through the twisted metal and plastic which seemed like little more than aluminum foil in his hands. When he was free he looked up to the onramp high above him, hardly believing what had just happened. The paramedics showed up shortly after and were astonished that he was alive, much less uninjured. He declined to go to the hospital and went straight home when his agent picked him up.

A loud thump woke him from his sleep and as he sat up his head hit something. It was dark and though he couldn’t see much he could make out that he seemed to be trapped in a small box. But there was furniture in it that looked vaguely like that in his bedroom. As he came to his senses he realized that he was in his bedroom but he had grown tremendously in his sleep. He couldn’t believe what was happening, had he really grown this big? He began to focus on being smaller and in an instant he was. As he struggled to dig his way out of the mountains that he soon realized were his blankets he came to the realization that he had superpowers that enabled him to change his size.

After some practice he was able to regulate his new powers so that he was at his normal size. He dressed and went to the only place that he could think of for help, the Cambridge Biotech building. Dr. Silverback was gracious enough to run him through a battery of tests which determined that not only had his metabolic state become somewhat unstable but his cells had become tremendously efficient. Dr. Silverback rattled off some scientific explanation that Chris couldn’t comprehend and finally said your body has become a living Fortress, capable of expanding and retracting at will. Chris liked the name and knew that with his new powers he could be a tremendous power for good.

Later that week, while still at the Cambridge Biotech building honing his abilities under the watchful eyes of the Dr. Silverback, The good Doctor walked into the room with a man by his side that needed no introduction, Defender. Chris was dumbstruck in the presence of the idol of millions and couldn’t manage even a feeble hello. Defender spoke first, “So this is him?” He asked Dr. Silverback. “It is. His bio-readings are off the charts and his physical strength when fully grown matches that of Ironclad.” Was Dr. Silverback’s reply. “Interesting.” Said Defender, “So tell me uhhh…” “Fortress” Chris said. “Fortress, would you be interested in joining me in The Champions? On a probationary basis that is.” Defender asked. “You bet!” Chris replied with almost child like enthusiasm.


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