Quazar Mk VI Md 3

Power Armor, Flying Power Projector





- STR 10
10 DEX 15
8 CON 18
8 INT 18
5 EGO 15
5 PRE 15
25 OCV 8
25 DCV 8
- OMCV 3
- DMCV 3/6*
10 SPD 3/5*
3 PD 6
3 ED 6
1 REC 5
2 END 30
5 BOD 15
5 STUN 30

Subtotal: 115


26 END Reserve, 80 END, 30 REC, OIF Armor

16 8 rPD/8 rED, Armor, OIF Armor
16 8 rPD/8 rED, Force Field. OIF Armor
16 6 rPD/6 rED, Hardened and Impenetrable, Striker Plates, OIF Armor

26 20m Flight, + 1/2 Variable Advantage, Jet Pack, OIF Armor

40 60 pip Multipower, Power Array, OIF Armor
4 8d6 EB 0 End, STUN Only (Electroblaster)
4 12d6 EB 16 (Powerblaster)
4 8d6 AP EB (Laserblaster)
4 9d6 EB AOE 4m Radius (Turboblaster)
4 4d6 RKA (Megablaster)
3 Invisibility Sight Group, no Fringe, 0 END

4 +2 OCv w/ Multipower, Only to Offset Range Penalties, PDP Radar, OIF Armor

13 +2 SPD, Comuter Assisted Reflexex, OIF Armor

5 +3 DMCV, Psi Dampener, OIF Armor
3 5 pip Mental Defense, Psi Dampener, OIF Armor
3 5 pip Power Defense, Psi Dampener, OIF Armor

3 5 pip Flash Defense, Visor, OIF Armor
3 UV Vision, Visor, OIF Armor
3 IR Vision, Visor, OIF Armor

10 Radar, OIF Armor
8 Radio Perception & Transmit, OIF Armor

6 Self Contained Breathing, OIF Armor

Subtotal: 224


- Conversation
- Persuasion
- Acting
- Climbing
- Concealment

3 Stealth
3 Paramedic
3 Deduction
3 Law
3 Inventor

3 Mathematics
3 Physics
3 Computer Programming
3 Engineering: Mechanical
3 Engineering: Electrical
3 PS: Engineer
3 PS: Superhero
3 Power Skill: Power Armor Pilot

1 Negotiation
1 Bureaucracy
1 PS: Researcher

2 KS: Superheros
2 KS: Supervillians
2 AK: Millennium City
2 TF: Ground Vehicle

Subtotal: 50


5 Eidetic Memory
3 Lightning Calculator
2 Speed Reading
2 Deep Cover (Vengeance)

Subtotal: 12


3 Blackmarket Tech Dealer, 11 or less, Useful Skills & Resources, Contacts of His Own, Good Relationship

Subtotal: 3


15 Hunted by Harmon Industries (More Powerful, Infrequent, Extensive NCI)
15 Rivalry with Defender (Professional, Significantly Superior)
5 Negative Reputation (Defender Ripoff, Infrequent)
5 DNPC Grad Student (Skilled, Infrequent)
15 Public ID
15 Harmful Secret – Cal Stringle was Vengeance

Subtotal: 75





All Calvin Stringle ever wanted was to work as an engineer, invent new things, and have the respect of his peers. With his degrees in engineering and physics it looked like Calvin was well on his way to achieving all of those goals. And then Cal was hired by Harmon Industries.

While working for Harmon Industries as a research assistant during the day, Cal spent his evenings and weekends working on his own inventions. He had many, several invented while he was still at school, and he had recently applied for several patents. Cal proudly showed off several of his inventions at the Annual Millennium City Engineering Enthusiast’s Group.

The Monday after the show Cal was called in to his boss’s office. He was reminded of the contract he signed when he started work for Harmon Industries. One of the clauses stated that any inventions he made, or patents he filed for, while an employee of Harmon Industries automatically became the property of Harmon Industries. Harmon Industries impounded all of his work, assigning it to their Classified Research division. Cal was told that if he ever showed or spoke of “Harmon’s” inventions in public again then he would go to jail.

Furious, Cal resigned from Harmon Industries. Soon he had another job working as an engineer for another, though smaller and less prestigious, company. But soon Cal was called into his new boss’s office. It seems they had received a letter from Harmon Industries. Cal’s contract had a five year Non Competition clause in it. They would have to let Cal go or face a lawsuit by Harmon Industries.

Heartbroken, Cal lashed out the only was he knew how. Securing high tech components on the black market, he assembled a rudimentary blaster, force field generator, and thruster pack. Calling himself Vengeance, he attacked several Harmon Industries laboratories and warehouses.

Vengeance easily defeated the Harmon Industries security teams, and even the Harmon Industries Supervillian Response Teams. But eventually James Harmon himself responded in the Defender power armor, and Cal’s crude equipment was no match. He escaped capture only by activating a cloaking device and fleeing.

Back in his workshop, Cal was devastated. Harmon Industries had defeated him professionally, and now Defender had defeated him personally. But no! James Harmon WAS Harmon Industries, and James Harmon was Defender. Looking down at the remains of the primitive Vengeance armor, Cal knew what he must do.

Working day and night, Cal designed a new set of power armor. He would show the world. He would show EVERYONE! His armor would be better than the Defender armor. He would be a better hero than Defender. Naming himself after the most powerful phenomenon in the galaxy, a QUAZAR, would show everyone that he was a better MAN than James Harmon.

And Cal upgraded the Vengeance armor, too. Not that he would ever use it. Not that he ever INTENDED to use it. But Cal had learned that, when dealing with James Harmon and Harmon Industries, it was best to keep his options open.

Quazar Mk VI Md 3

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