Character Creation

Hero System’s character creation is it’s most complicated part. To be newbie-friendly, I will create characters for new players according to their basic specs. If you wish to dive in and create your own, pleas follow these character creation house rules.

Characters are created with 400 pts, and 75 matching complications.

Each PC is subject to a soft cap and a hard cap on its attributes. The hard cap cannot be broken. The soft cap can be exceeded, but character point costs are doubled when purchased over the given soft cap limit.

Each PC may select one subcategory of ability to lift the soft cap entirely, allowing purchase up to the hard cap at regular cost for that one subcategory only.

Refer to this chart for the appropriate limits:


SPD: The highest possible SPD score. It is its own single subcategory.

“Attack” Powers: Also is its own single subcategory. It is the AP limit on any power that requires an attack action to use, including the APs of STR added to an HTH or HKA power. Also applies to power frameworks; this becomes the limit of Reserve of a Multipower or the Control Cost of a Variable Power Pool. The entire cost of a framework that exceeds the soft cap is doubled, including all purchased slots for a multipower.

“Non-Attack” Powers: The AP limit on all powers that don’t require an attack roll. This generally includes nearly all Defense Powers. The category is divided into five subcategories: PD&ED; Mental Defense; Power Defense; Flash Defense; and Other. A sixth, optional subcategory, “Effect-Specific Defense, “may also be created.

The “Other” subcategory includes all powers that don’t fit into the other categories, such as Invisibility, Desolidification, and Life Support, but does NOT include movement powers, which aren’t limited.

The “Effect-Specific Defense” includes all defense powers applicable to a single special effect. For instance, a character with ice powers could select this category for all defenses that apply solely to ice effects; lifitingthe soft cap for that effect only. All his Non-Attack powers would be subject to the 20 AP soft cap, but he could buy up defenses to the hard cap in all categories against that specific effect only.

PD & ED are one subcategory but are counted separately from each other; thus a brick that chooses this category to lift the soft cap lifts it for both PD & ED separately: he could have up to 40 AP worth of PD and another 40 AP of ED without the soft cap, but all other non-attack powers are subject tot the 20 AP soft cap limit.

All defenses of each type add up for this limit; thus a character could have PD as a characteristic, plus Resistant Defense PD, plus Damage Reduction to PD, plus Damage Negation to PD, but their APs add up as a single score against the AP limit for PD.

OCV & DCV: are a single subcategory, but each includes the maximum that could be added to the base score by CSLs and Martial (but not Basic) Maneuvers.

OMCV & DMCV: are a single subcategory, but each includes the maximum that could be added to the base score by CSLs and Martial (but not Basic) Maneuvers.

Characteristics: The AP limit for each characteristic is a separate subcategory. Thus, you could lift the soft cap for STR but it still applies to all other characteristics. The AP limit applies to each characteristic separately.

Character Creation

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